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$871 Million Worth of Sports Cards Sold on eBay in Q1

There may have been a pullback in prices for some items in recent months, but the number of people buying cards and the amount of money spent on eBay in the first quarter of this year was something to behold.

Data obtained by SC Daily indicates 20 million new sports, non-sports and gaming cards were listed on eBay from January through March, with an average of 139 cards sold per minute

Trading cards GMV (gross merchandise value) in the U.S. alone was over $1 billion and the number of buyers in the category doubled.  That growth, the company says, is coming from “collectors, flippers and those who are turning to trading cards as another avenue of investment to diversify their portfolios.”

eBay says trading cards of all kinds “are seeing significant growth” but their data indicates the biggest gains have come from Pokémon (+1,046%) and Marvel (+764%) cards.

In the sports card category, the biggest growth areas were soccer (+1588%) and basketball (+296%). The actual sales figures are staggering.  

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Trading card sales were already experiencing a healthy rise. In February of this year, eBay reported that the category had seen 142% growth from 2019 to 2020.

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