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6-Figure “South Dakota Find” Includes Pair of Mantle Cards, Other High Numbers

They’re out there. 

Surrounded by “finds” of 1990 Donruss and Fleer, but they’re out there.  Decades old, high-grade baseball cards owned by folks who will eventually get around to doing something with them.  

The latest discovery isn’t big on quantity, but the material itself is off the charts.

All Sports Auctions recently acquired a consignment of 189 1952 Topps cards including two of Mickey Mantle and over three dozen high quality high numbers .  The cards were owned by a South Dakota man who had inherited them from a late relative and is opted to consign them.  They had been held in the family since they were issued and are fresh to the hobby. 

The consignor of the cards flew to Southern California recently and was met by All Sports Auctions owner Andy Sandler.  The two then drove to PSA’s headquarters in Santa Ana to have several of the cards authenticated and graded.

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One of the Mantle cards netted a near mint 7 while the other garnered a PSA 2.  Memory Lane offered a PSA 7 in its last auction, where it sold for over $220,000.

Other cards in the well-preserved collection included a Roy Campanella, now graded 5, a Jackie Robinson rated 2.5, a Pee Wee Reese, which garnered a near mint 7, a Joe Page error card and Most of the cards had sharp or nearly sharp corners but were downgraded because of centering.

6-Figure "South Dakota Find" Includes Pair of Mantle Cards, Other High Numbers

6-Figure "South Dakota Find" Includes Pair of Mantle Cards, Other High Numbers

The cards will be part of a larger auction of cards and memorabilia set to take place beginning May 3.

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