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Alt Buys Majority Stake in Steph Curry Rookie Card Valued at $5.9 Million

The 2021 NBA Finals are underway this week but a player who hasn’t been there in a couple of years is apparently still worthy of sports collecting’s latest multi-million dollar buy.

Alternative Asset platform Alt says it has purchased 51% of the 2009-10 Steph Curry National Treasures 1/1 Rookie Logoman for a $5.9 million valuation.  Rated NM/MT 8 by PSA with a 10 autograph grade, the card will take its place in a second Alt fund created for users who want to invest in high-end trading cards.

Alt Fund II will be anchored by the Curry, which according to the assigned value, is the most valuable modern day card, overtaking the a LeBron James’ 2003-04 Rookie Patch Autograph card which sold privately for $5.2 million in April. 

“Steph is a generational player. Our data shows that Steph’s cards have increased 35% in value YTD — compare that to the S&P and you can see the outsized return potential,” Alt founder Leore Avidar stated. “We believe this card’s upside is tremendous and represents the best of the best of the entire sports card market. We’re anchoring Alt Fund II to this purchase and have built a thesis with this asset at its core.” Alt Fund II owns 51% of this card.

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Avidar first burst onto the scene a year ago when he purchased another James RPA for $1.8 million—at the time a record for a modern card.

Alt allows users to see a real-time valuation of their trading card portfolio as well as buy and trade them. Users have to be accredited and approved by Alt.  

The 2009 National Treasures 1/1 Logoman Stephen Curry card will be stored in a vault where over 10,000 customers’ cards worth over $50 million are housed. 

Last month, one of only a small number of 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth pre-rookie cards was sold in a private transaction for an amount believed to be in the neighborhood of the value of the Curry card. A small portion of the ownership stake will be offered through Collectable sometime soon at $3 per share.

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