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Got Baseball Cards’ Joe Davis Talks Hot Products, Players and More

You’d think with over 400,000 square-feet of space, there would have been plenty of room to move around but it was often slow going through the aisles of the 2021 National Sports Collectors Convention.

While everyone has different reasons to attend, a large number of the ticket buyers were there for the first time. Many were under 35 and a lot of them weren’t afraid to spend money on cards that were sitting inside of packs not that long ago.

The modern card market drove a sizeable amount of business at the show but that’s just a reflection of a market where boxes of cards are treated like gold.

Joe Davis of and its physical store in Georgia, J&J’s Sports, has been at the epicenter of the hobby’s big surge.  The long-time dealer is one of eBay’s biggest sellers of boxes but he was mostly in single card selling mode at the Stephens Convention Center.

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Got Baseball Cards' Joe Davis Talks Hot Products, Players and More

We talked with him about the impact of newcomers on the modern card market, the players collectors were asking for, the hottest boxes, where the sales growth has its roots and more.

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