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Motorcyclist With Explosive Blows Hole in Bay Area Store

Steve Lipary opened LC Galleries in the San Francisco Bay area back in 1980. He’s seen a lot since then, but nothing quite like what happened to his store last Friday.

In the early morning darkness of New Year’s Day, someone rode up to the front of his sports and celebrity memorabilia shop on a small motorcycle, planted an explosive device to the front window and lit the fuse. The explosion ripped a small hole in the window and sent glass flying inside the shop, damaging framed items and making a big mess.

No one was inside at the time, but the crime forced Lipary to spend the holiday cleaning up and talking with police investigators.  

Motorcyclist With Explosive Blows Hole in Bay Area Store

Lipary, who has conducted autograph signing sessions and offers high-end signed items 

It’s believed the rider used some leftover New Year’s Eve fireworks to cause the explosion since there was no evidence of bomb-making materials, but the destructive nature caught on surveillance video was still disturbing.

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KTVU-TV spoke with him–and aired the video clip that shows it happening:

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