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Notes: Inside Showtime Cards; Jerry West Unimpressed; LeBron Jerseys Soaring; Seattle Collector’s Room Tour

A little over a year ago, some hobby shops were trying to figure out how they could make a go of it.  These days, some are busier than they’ve ever been.

Business has been pretty great at Showtime Cards, the long-time Arizona hobby shop owned George Mares.  From walk-ins looking to sell in to new customers wanting to jump back into the hobby they loved a long time ago to collectors anxious to hop into online breaks, there’s a lot to do.

He talked with about the market and a stash of Kobe Bryant cards he tucked away back in the 1990s that turned out to be a wise investment.

Meanwhile, on WMBD-TV in Peoria…

Jerry West’s rookie cards are worth quite a bit and he’s undoubtedly got some valuable memorabilia after six-plus decades in basketball, but he doesn’t give a hoot about what they’re worth.

The puck from Sidney Crosby’s first goal of the 2020-21 season leads off the latest MeiGray auction. 

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Crosby’s second period goal on January 13 was the 463rd of his career and came in a 6-3 Flyers win over the Penguins.  Also up for grabs is puck from the same game that resulted in Oskar Lindblom’s 31st career goal and first of the season.

Both pucks were among the Player Tracking Technology models put into play by the NHL over a six-day period at the beginning of this year. They feature sensors embedded on both sides that help track the speed of the puck, how fast players skate, the distance they cover on the ice and more precise information about ice time, among other things.

Pucks from goals scored by T.J. Oshie and Max Domi are among the 34 lots that run through May 20 at

Regular season jerseys worn by LeBron James are now regularly reaching six figures.

Notes: Inside Showtime Cards; Jerry West Unimpressed; LeBron Jerseys Soaring; Seattle Collector's Room Tour

Late last week, a black Lakers jersey he donned during a March win over Indiana sold for $115,020 through NBA Auctions.  James recorded a double-double in the game.

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Among the other jerseys sold in the same auction was one worn by 2021 MVP favorite Nikola Jokic in the Denver Nuggets’ 103-102 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on March 12.  It sold for the relative bargain price of $5,621.

Want to see a pretty awesome, wide-ranging personal collection of sports cards and other stuff?

Check out the latest edition of HOVG Cribs.  This time, it’s a self-hosted tour of collector Tim Jenkins’ personal baseball shrine:

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