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Sports Card Release Calendar: 12/31/21 – 1/12/22

2021 finishes with a flourish, but it’ll be a slow start to the new year for those looking for new sports card products. Here’s a roundup of the licensed boxes you can expect at your local shop, eBay or your favorite online retailer.


Bowman Draft Baseball

Among the most anticipated products of the year for those who like to play the prospect game, Bowman Draft arrives with a focus on players who were selected in this past season’s MLB Draft.

There are three ways to buy it, all at different price points:  Hobby (12 packs per box/3 autographs/24 Refractors); Super Jumbo (5 packs/five autographs/40 Refractors and Hobby LITE (10 packs/no guaranteed autos/10 Refractors).  Super Jumbo has been delayed, however.

There’s a 200 card base set with plenty of parallels but it’s the Bowman Draft Prospect Autographs that are the huge draw with each typically becoming a player’s most sought after issue and, of course, there are tons of parallels there, too.

You can check current box prices on eBay here.

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2021 Bowman’s Best Baseball

Sports Card Release Calendar: 12/31/21 - 1/12/22

That’s right–Topps is pushing out two Bowman-branded products on the same day. 

Of all of the Bowman issues, Best is the one with the most color.  Each Hobby box has 12 packs with four cards per pack and the promise of four autographs, which are spread across the insert lineup as well.  Three new Refractor parallels have been added this year.

Boxes are available online for $240-$300.

2020-21 Panini Immaculate NBA Basketball

Sports Card Release Calendar: 12/31/21 - 1/12/22

One of the higher end products of the year, boxes of 2020-21 Immaculate (yes, it’s really late to market) offer six cards with three autos, two memorabilia cards and one base or base parallel.  Autographs are signed on card. Rookie Patch Autographs are all numbered to 99 except for parallel versions that include Jersey Number #/50 or less, Red #/49, Gold #/10, Tag #/5 and Logoman 1/1.

Boxes are selling online for a little under $3,000 and there’s a First Off the Line version as well.


2021-22 Panini Hoops

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Sports Card Release Calendar: 12/31/21 - 1/12/22

After an extended wait, 2021-22 basketball cards are slowly making their way to market with the long-running Hoops brand among the first out of the gate.

2021-22 Hoops is a flagship product so if you only carry about hits, it might not be for you.  Each box will carry 24 packs with eight cards per pack and just one guaranteed auto this year. 

The lowest prices for boxes on eBay have been running $230-$250.


2021 Panini Mosaic Football

Sports Card Release Calendar: 12/31/21 - 1/12/22

Mosaic made its football debut last year and returns as the NFL playoffs get set to kick off.  Hobby boxes will have two autographs, five Silver parallels, 15 Mosaic parallels and 20 inserts.  

Autographs Mosaic and Rookie Autographs Mosaic are exclusive to Hobby boxes and there are some new case hits this year including Busted, Glass Mosaic, Storm Chasers and Masquerade Ballers.

Box prices online are in the $700-$750 range.

Also set to be released:  Topps Transcendent Baseball (12/31); Immaculate UFC (12/31); Topps WWE Undisputed (12/31); Upper Deck AEW (1/6).

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