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eBay Tightens Return Policy for Trading Cards

eBay will be making it a little tougher for buyers of trading cards to return them for a refund.

On Monday, the company announced a new updated policy, effective July 29, that changes the time frame for buyers requesting a return when they claim the item they received “doesn’t match the listing.”

If the seller doesn’t offer a return policy, buyers will be able to request a return no later than three calendar days after delivery.  Currently, buyers can wait as long as 30 days to return an item.  That’s created a fairly sizeable window for buyers who often purchase a card at the top of the market and then watch it fall in the ensuing days.  Frustrated sellers have asked eBay to amend its policy to prevent buyers from taking advantage of the current rules on refunds.

If the seller does offer a return policy—typically 14, 30 or 60 days—buyers must request a return within that return window.

Earlier this month, eBay stated that buyers will no longer have the ability to retract bids on trading card auctions without seller approval. 

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A new scanning tool will come to the eBay mobile app later this year as well, which the company says will streamline the listing process for sellers.

The company has hinted that more changes to its platform are in the works.

eBay saw a 142% surge in domestic sales of all types of trading cards from 2019 to 2020— selling more than four million more of them.

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