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$6 Million Babe Ruth Card Set to Return to Baltimore Museum

A 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth pre-rookie card purchased privately earlier this year is going back on display at the Ruth Birthplace and Museum in Baltimore.

The Baltimore News reports that it will leave its current home with a private collector in Florida via armored truck and arrive at the museum around the holidays.  The card is generally considered to have a value of more than $6 million.

It’ll be the focal point of a new exhibit and is scheduled to be on display indefinitely.  A special security system will be in place. 

Now carrying a grade of VG 3 by SGC, the card was purchased in May from the descendants of the original owner and was the subject of some legal wrangling. It had been on display at the Ruth Museum prior to being purchased by the collector who now owns it.

The card’s owner agreed to offer one percent ownership of it via Collectable at $3 per share, an ode to Ruth’s uniform number.  Those shares sold out upon release and have been trading on the firm’s secondary platform where they were  listed at $4.95 as of Tuesday.

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The card is one of only about ten known to exist and pre-dates Ruth’s 1916 major league rookie card by two years.  Part of a set of cards featuring members of the Baltimore Orioles minor league squad, the cards have the team’s schedule on the back.

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