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Notes: NSCC is On; eBay on Bid Retractions; COMC Shipping; Shop Stories

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the National Sports Collectors Convention will go on as schedule July 28-August 1.  On Tuesday, the NSCC confirmed their intentions to hold the show rather than push it back to the October backup dates it had been holding

The show is scheduled for the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL and with state government believed to be moving toward a full re-opening next week, large events like the National will be allowed to take place.

The Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place is already on the docket. 

The NSCC’s autograph pavilion guests will be announced next week.

eBay is making it tougher on buyers who place a bid and then retract it.

The company informed users Tuesday that it starting June 30, buyers will no longer have the ability to retract bids on trading card auctions without seller approval.

Notes: NSCC is On; eBay on Bid Retractions; COMC Shipping; Shop Stories

“Sellers’ decisions to accept or reject auction bid retraction requests will be final,” the company stated in an email.  “If the seller does not accept your request, your bid can still win or lose the auction, and you will be required to make payment on any winning bid you submit.” 

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However, eBay told sellers “to use their best judgment and give buyers the benefit of the doubt.”  They say sellers who decline bid retraction requests “will not be subject to any consequences and that buyers can appeal the seller’s decision.  “Please keep in mind that honest mistakes happen,” eBay stated.

If an item goes unpaid after five days, the seller can cancel the order due to non-payment.  Buyers who make a habit of skipping out on auction payments could face penalties.

Notes: NSCC is On; eBay on Bid Retractions; COMC Shipping; Shop Stories

Like the grading companies, COMC has been facing issues fulfilling orders with some collectors waiting multiple months for shipments of cards they’ve purchased on the website–and costs aren’t getting any cheaper.

The company reported that it set a record for packages shipped in May–over 45,000 of them–and is trying to hire new employees while moving some of its operation to a new, larger facility.

They expect to have 400 employees by the end of the year.

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Hall of Fame of Leominster, a sports card shop west of Boston, made it through the pandemic thanks to box breaks, online order and curbside service.  Through it all—and even now—owner David Ferrante is finding ways to help others who need it.

Thanks to the support of customers, distributors and a manufacturer, Ferrante has used box breaks and raffles to donate thousands of dollars to local restaurants that were impacted by the pandemic and is now turning his attention to other local causes.

Notes: NSCC is On; eBay on Bid Retractions; COMC Shipping; Shop Stories

Robert Collins’ hobby shop is based in North Bay, Ontario, a community of just over 50,000 people in the eastern part of Ontario.  That somewhat limited customer base has meant he’s had to hustle to make Ultimate Sports Cards go over the last several years.  He’s done it thanks to getting his name out there through setting up at shows across eastern Canada beginning in the 1990s.

Now, he’s getting ready to renovate and expand the shop.

Collins talked with Bay Today about building his business.

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