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Tom Brady’s 600th TD Pass Football Would Have Been Worth A Small Fortune

The broadcasters and writers knew it.  Fans who’d been paying attention to Tom Brady’s career stats knew it.  Brady’s teammate Mike Evans was apparently not clued in to the fact that his quarterback was closing in non 600 career touchdown passes.

After Evans caught the milestone pass from Brady during Sunday’s game against the Bears, he casually handed it to a fan sitting in the first row.  Under most circumstances it would have been a nice gesture.  One that had some value, too. In this case, it was a piece of NFL history worth a half million dollars or more.

While CBS announcers Jim Nantz and Tony Romo couldn’t believe what they were seeing and social media began to take hold, the Buccaneers sprang into action. Locating the fan, identified by a Bucs’ beat reporter as 29-year-old Byron Kennedy, a doctor at Largo Medical Center, a staff member succeeded in getting the ball back. The team gave Kennedy another ball and the promise of more swag to come in appreciation for handing it over.

Kennedy told reporters he was told that Brady “really wanted the ball back” and that after turning down the request twice, he finally gave in and handed the ball over, not wanting to turn down the hometown quarterback.

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“That’s pretty cool,” Brady said after the game. “He’s going to get something nice. We’ll get him a helmet and a couple of jerseys and some other stuff.”

It was reported late Monday that the Bucs were putting together a package that included the helmet and jerseys, along with season tickets through next year, a signed Evans’ jersey and the cleats he wore in the game along with a $1,000 gift certificate to the Bucs’ team store.  Kennedy told NFL Network what he really wanted:


On Monday night, Brady said he was also giving Kennedy a bitcoin (currently valued at over $60,000) and potentially more in future years.

Through Brady’s autograph deal with Fanatics, signed helmets, jerseys and footballs typically sell for $2,000-$3,500 depending on the item and whether it’s inscribed.

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While sports teams will often compensate fans who find up with some sort of memorabilia, rarely does it match the potential auction value of the item.  Some fans don’t care, indicating the player deserves the milestone home run ball or other item, and willingly accept whatever the team offers or what they’re able to negotiate themselves.   

In this case, the Bucs got off easy.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t the first milestone Brady pass that one of his receivers gave away.  The first time it happened, the ball stayed with the fan who caught it.

Tom Brady's 600th TD Pass Football Would Have Been Worth A Small Fortune

Brady’s first career touchdown pass, heaved into the stands by New England Patriots receiver Terry Glenn 20 years ago, sold earlier this year for $428,842 in the same auction in which a 2000 Playoff Contenders Brady rookie card sold for $3.1 million.

Would the 600th TD pass ball have sold for as much or more?


Whatever Kennedy receives for giving it back, though, isn’t likely to match it.

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